Caramel Mocha Muffins

Super luscious chocolate muffins with a hint of coffee, rich creamy caramel filling and vanilla frosting.

I´m a true believer of pleasures. Good amount of lazy enjoyments keep your brain working and new ideas flowing.

I have had quite a hectic time in the beginning of this year and one thing that keeps my mind clear from all the work fuss are my midday hot showers. No matter how worried, stuck or stressed I feel when I step into the shower I always leave with calm feeling and fresh new ideas and realizations. Sitting under a hot running water for about 15 minutes in the middle of my home office day is my everyday pleasure and meditation technique numero uno.

Look for example these caramel filled mocha muffins with vanilla coconut whipped cream frosting. These babes were born while one of my midday showers. Well, the idea was born there. And while they might not be any world changing innovation I think they are still truly remarkable. So luscious and tasty and soft and lovely! And I have heard amazing feedback from many people about these muffins. Someone called them life savers. So maybe there might be some world changing potential in them after all.

So I say relax your brains and go ahead and seek for pleasures and enjoy! Lazy time can be very productive. You can start with these muffins.