Clean Bounty Bars

These deliciously creamy coconut bars hide a secret ingredient.

I´m all about secret ingredients. Like in cooking adding stuff that would suddenly feel weird and totally wrong for example in sweet treats. In my KIITOS HYVÄÄ healthy treats cook book (in Finnish) there is for example a recipe for Mint Pistachio Brownie that includes black beans, a Sweet Chocolate frosting that is made from avocado and a Caramel Mud Pie of which magic lies in sweet potato. Unexpected and therefore interesting. And extra interesting – and quite essential – it is also that the one who eats the dish would never ever guess.

And this is how we get to today´s topic. Which is a chocolate bar recipe that is also found in my cook book. These rich and creamy coconut bars, also called as Clean Bounty Bars are simply de-licious.

But. If I would tell you that one of the main ingredients in these delicious looking coconut chocolate bars is in fact potato would that spoil your appetite? I hope not, because that is truly the case.

Mashed potato is one of the key ingredients in these babies and I don´t know what it actually does to them but it makes them taste goood. And makes the texture and mouthfeel oh so goood.

And the most surprising thing while making these bars happen when you mix the mashed potato with honey – it turns into liquid! Crazy magic potato!

I promise that after these chocolate bars you´ll never look the good ol´ potato at the same way.

And hey, check out how the magic really happens and watch this Clean Bounty Bars VANELJA video!