Creamy Cardamom Rasberry Cake

Raw raspberry cake with whipped coconut cream screams spring.

I love theme foods and traditional treats that are consumed only in one specific feast and only once a year. And I also love love love spring and every small promise and hint that says that spring is actually and finally coming and bringing the light back. So those two loves combined it is no wonder why I am so inspired and excited of the upcoming Shrove Tuesday (which is for me the first solid promise of spring) and it´s treats.

In many countries Shrove Tuesday is know as the Pancake day, that naturally means that the day is celebrated by consuming pancakes. In Finland we have that pancake thing also, but even more common treat is the “Shrove Bun” which is this sweet baked roll that is halved and filled with raspberry jam or almond paste and whipped cream. People go always nuts about them! And argue every single year which is the BEST and the REAL filling for Shrove Buns – raspberry or almond paste. (I must say I love them both but in the end I would lean towards raspberry jam.)

As delicious as the Shrove Buns are there is one problematic thing about them. They include wheat, yeast, white sugar and dairy which makes many peoples belly bloat. Especially because for many people one bun is just not enough.

That is why I have created these alternative treats that you can consume generously and still feel fresh and great afterwards! Last year I created this gluten-free, yeast-free and dairy-free Shrove Buns (sorry the recipe is only in Finnish here) and this year I made this Shrove Smoothie as in Creamy Cashew Cardamom Raspberry Smoothie AND also Raw Shrove cake as in Raw Creamy Rasperry Cake which are both inspired by the traditional tastes of the Shrove Bun.

So this year no-one needs to feel like a gas balloon or decline from treats anymore. How wonderful is that! And how wonderful is also that the sun has been actually shining here for two days already (which feels like a miracle after this exceptionally dark and gray winter)!

So hurray for the sunshine and Shrove Tuesday and enormous amounts of treats! Spring is coming and love is in the air, and in the smoothies and cakes and buns!