Naked champagne orange cake

Festive paleo naked cake flavored with champagne and orange. Perfect party delicacy!

For the last night of the year I wanted to prepare a cake that makes you feel both grateful and hopeful at the same time. For those are the two essential emotions one should feel when one year ends and another one begins.

To achieve that goal I chose champagne and orange to be the star actors of this party delicacy. The layers of my rustic naked cake are filled with orange chia jam and orange coconut whipped cream. The final result truly tastes like the New Year´s eve – glamorous and joyful!

And even though the alcohol evaporates when you bake the cake in the oven, this cake totally get´s one into party mood. Even kids!

My soon-to-be-3-year-old daughter tasted it, ran to hug me and said that the cake tastes so good that it makes her stomach dance!

Dancing and hugging, that´s what the best parties are made of. And champagne, of course.

Magnificent New Year to all of you!