Vanilla body cream

Get super soft skin with shea butter, coconut oil and vanilla infused almond oil.

  • ½ cup shea butter
  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil
  • ¼ cup almond oil in which a vanilla bean has steeped for a couple of days

about 3 oz sized sealable glass jar

Make the fragrance oil: Put a vanilla bean into a small sealable bottle of almond oil and let it sit for 2-7 days. Take the bean out and use the oil as a fragrance.

Measure the shea butter and coconut oil into a bowl and melt in a warm water bath until liquid. Add almond oil. Stir with a hand blender or milk froather for about two minutes so that the mixture becomes foamy. Cool the mixture in the freezer for about five minutes or until the mixture begins to thicken. Beat the mixture again to make it smooth and creamy. Be careful not to mix it too much so that the cream does not clump!